Marinated Eels

The famous Loch Ness monster might actually be a type of giant eel living in the Scottish lake 🐍

For us, it's a good source of vitamin B2, high in Omega-3 and vitamin D.

Our Eel comes in an Escabeche* sauce made with vinegar, garlic, olive oil, bay leaves, and pepper.

Our tip is to add parsley and red or green pepper to the Eel canapés in Escabeche sauce—delicious!

*Escabeche, a staple in Portuguese cuisine, is a versatile sauce utilized for marinating and preserving fish and seafood. Renowned for its tangy and flavorful profile, it not only enhances the taste of the preserved ingredients but also serves as an effective preservative


Energy, 304 kcal / 1265 kJ
Fat, 25 G
- Of Which Saturates, 4.1 G
Carbohydrates, <0 G
Of Which Sugars, <0 G
Protein, 20.2 G
Salt, 1.5 G


Net Weight: 160 g

Drained Weight: 84 g

Some extra fishy treats

The tale of a tradition

To become the best tinned fish in olive oil in the world, our fish go through lots of experienced and talented hands.

The hands of those who catch them, those who pick them out, and those who prepare them. 

Our artisans handle the fish with great passion and skill, an art that's been passed down from generation to generation, keeping it alive and true to its original methods.

The story of these hands is also the story of decades of canning craftsmanship.

The art of 
Fish Prepping

Prepping and cleaning our fish is a delicate job that needs a lot of precision and a real dedication to tradition. It's an art that's been handed down through generations, trusted to the skilled hands of our expert canners, making each can a masterpiece that shows the care and devotion that has stood the test of time.

Artful Cooking

The confection of our fish is yet another demanding stage of this meticulous and passionate preserving process. 

After selecting the freshest ingredients, they are prepared and cooked with utmost care, respecting traditional recipes. 

Every little detail is crafted by hand so that both your taste buds and your eyes can enjoy them, creating a memorable experience for your palate and memory.