Our factory

Comur, Murtosa, Portugal

From our kitchen

Our tinned fish is like a recipe inside a can. 

Each fish is properly prepped and then seasoned, roasted, cooked, or grilled, depending on the recipe. 

This process is 100% homemade and human-made. We produce over 30 varieties of tinned fish, some of which are exclusive to Comur, our factory. 

The magic lies in the possibility of delighting in true Portuguese gastronomy delicacies, wherever you are. This is what makes our product special - each fish is delicately prepared by the hands of our artisans, with the preserving knowledge of generations.

Comur 1942

The first canned fish factories in Portugal emerged in the early 19th century, reaching their peak during the First and Second World Wars. At that time, Portuguese canned goods were famous worldwide, with this sector even becoming the second largest in the national economy of the time. 

Our factory originates from Murtosa, in the Aveiro region. Due to its proximity to the Aveiro Lagoon, this area has a strong connection to the fishing tradition. It was the abundance of eels in the lagoon that gave rise to the famous Fried Eel preserved in Escabeche sauce - a delicacy created by the hands of the "Fritadeiras da Murtosa" (Fried Food Sellers of Murtosa). 

It was from the desire to preserve this tradition that the Murtosa Canning Factory (Comur) was founded in 1942. Like hundreds of other canneries in Portugal in the 20th century, Comur experienced a decline, falling victim to sectoral indifference and a low-price policy. 

In 2015, it joined the O Valor do Tempo Group, becoming a revitalized brand with a strategy to value canned goods, which have always been and will always be part of Portugal's history. 

Nowadays, Comur is one of the few factories in Portugal that maintains traditional artisanal production methods, preserved over the past 80 years.

The Fantastic World of The Portuguese Sardine

In the past, the canning industry was characterized by having very festive labels and colorful, lively motifs that have been lost over time. 

Dreamed by Comur, the Fantastic World of the Portuguese Sardine is the passport for Portuguese tinned fish to present itself to the world through a unique experience that goes beyond the five senses, using the fantastic as a path, amazement as an attraction, and history as a narrative. 

The tinned fish are taken all over the world, from more than 20 stores spread across Portugal to the iconic Times Square in New York City.