We are passionate about the sea and are committed to protecting the future of our oceans. 

We focus on small-scale production and responsible fishing methods so that we can continue to enjoy the wonderful fish the sea gives us for many, many generations. 

Portuguese tinned fish is a delicacy by excellence, appreciated in Portugal and around the world. 

Deeply rooted in the Portuguese gastronomic culture, a consequence of the easy access to natural resources along the country's extensive coastline and the result of a culture proud of its traditions and origins, sardine "conservas" have become a national icon.

As an industry, we have a duty to the planet and to future generations to ensure that our actions today do not compromise the future, and it is through our resource management, our canned fish, and the way we present them that we show our visitors the taste of the sea as it is, vibrant and diverse!

Sustainable fishing

With our niche and high value-added productions, opposed to the pressure of overfishing, we ensure a healthy and controlled exploitation of marine resources, protecting the fish supply and ensuring that the entire ecosystem functions smoothly.

Only in this way can we continue to enjoy quick, tasty, easy-to-prepare, healthy, versatile meals with long shelf life that are easy to transport and travel with.

The richness and generosity of the oceans do not go unnoticed by us. We have practiced a sustainable supply regime since day one. Our processes are entirely reliable and from sustainable and certified sources, ensuring that each step of our supply chain is transparent.

Social impact

When our factory began its operations in 1942, the production methods were artisanal because that was the standard for the canning industry in Portugal. 

Today, our factory maintains exactly the same production methods, but for different reasons: all the fish is delicately prepared by hand by those who have inherited a legacy of knowledge from generations. 

Maintaining this legacy is the key to success. This differentiation allows us to offer a preserve of extraordinary quality and, consequently, to fairly compensate and ensure the durability of the professions of fishermen and master canners who dedicate themselves to their craft every day.